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Dipttii Khanna is an award-winning designer with years of experience to stand her in good stead.

She has emerged as an extremely talented designer to include an impressive number of projects such as Commercial Offices, Hotels, Playschools, Residences and Retail Spaces under her belt, in such a short span.

Dipttii likes to deliver a project with a sense of the unexpected whilst it reflects her clients’ personalities. Being a firm believer of good client relationships, she says, “Being in the Interior Designing business, is such a gift. I do what I love every single day and get to call it work. Seeing what you envision in your head getting created into a reality is such a gratifying feeling. I tell my clients, ‘Sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, we will create it’ ”.

Her process includes a thorough Meet & Greet with her clients, which leads to Ideation & Design finally resulting in the Completion of a Fashionable space to call their own.

Dipttii operates from her consultancy office and leads a strong team of well-equipped, technically trained staff.

Leaving no stone unturned, the team at Dipttii Khanna Designs will make your project come to life, as one of their own!

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Our highly experienced, efficient and artistic team, provide with the best and distinct approach towards design and detail. We interact closely with our customers and work on the smallest details to create a perfect concoction of your dreams and reality.

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